Our service is based on personalised service anywhere in the world, with high added value in the acquisition of our equipment.

Our customers are served by a team of professionals with extensive experience in mechanics, engineering and export management, representing a number of advantages:

  • Profitability associated with equipment life
  • Minimisation of equipment downtime
  • Optimisation of spare part stock management
  • Field repairs
  • In-shop repairs
  • Phone support
  • Technical advice and mediation in the choice of drilling equipment
  • Delivery of spare parts (international deliveries)
  • Improved training of technical staff
  • Advice on exports


At ROLATEC we believe in the importance of proper training and education of end-users of equipment in order to maximise the great productive capacity of our products.

We therefore offer a full range of training programmes aimed at operators, taught by highly qualified staff with extensive experience in using drilling equipment.